Celebi Plush!

I thought that I may as well post this. She was made by me, mostly put together in one night. She is made of blizzard fleece and is very soft and cuddly. <3
She has wings and the colors of her reflection are closer to what she looks like in person.

I plan on using her with a distant Sam/young!Oak cosplay. And also to cuddle, haha.

First Post!

Well, hi! My name is Kia, and I'm an avid Pokemon collector. Although I have only now started, I have a very sizeable collection. I am working on getting more.
I sew and can be found for commissions on plushies anytime! <3

I started collecting Pokemon when I was little, and somehow was able to take good care of (most) of them for all these years. I have been collecting this year more than I have been before. My friend and I kinda "share" a collection, and some of them are plushies we have made for ourselves.

Once I visit her (this weekend) I'll take a picture of all the thigns we have together! <3